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Jairon "Shack Deville" Harrison is an American rapper hailing from Charleston, South Carolina. A talented wordsmith with a diverse range of sounds in his music, he still remains true to his southern roots with a distinct, deep, smooth tone dipped in a Carolina accent. 

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Shack grew up in a tight knit family consisting of his parents, an older brother, and two older foster sisters. Music was always a part of his life, where he received tastes of Motown and classic oldies from his father, gospel hymns from his mother, and catalogs of hip hop and R&B from his brother. Citing such influences as 8 Ball & MJG, Scarface, DMX, Master P, Nas, Jay Z, and Guru to name a few. Often a loner as a child, he would indulge into the household's music collection record after record, tape after tape, falling in love with the sound more each day.

Shack originally had intentions to become a music producer under the tutelage of an older cousin who taught him how to use an MPC to make beats at the age of 12. He continued to produce well into high school until a lunch table freestyle led a friend to suggest that he try his hand at rapping. Shack released a few songs via Facebook that were well received by his peers, but it was still only a sideshow, as he still had aspirations of playing professional football.

Accepting a football scholarship to South Carolina State University, music was but a speck in the rearview as NFL draft eligibility approached at the beginning of his junior season. Life had other plans as he suffered a knee fracture in the second game of the year against Clemson, which brought his season and football career to a screeching halt. Two surgeries later, Shack returned to Charleston to recover. The same friend that introduced him to rhyming brought the studio setup to him and they proceeded to record ten songs, all of which were recorded in the closet, while standing on a set of crutches. Something great was taking place. The pain he felt of losing football was being replaced by this newfound passion for music. It was time to take control of his new love.


After finding new life through music, Shack continued to release projects through his last year of college, collaborating with producers such as Airborne Audio, Freddie Joachim, AJ Beats, Cookin' Soul and more. Upon graduating in 2015, Shack created the DVLN International label to take his career to another level. Since the inception of DVLN, he has released a large body of work that has been well received among the underground scene, and garnered the respect of artists and critics alike. 2015 and 2016 showed the releases of "Nu Life" and "The Layover" respectively. Two mixtapes that began to get Shack's name buzzing and gave the world a preview of what was to come. In 2020, he completed the "Smoke in the City" trilogy, a series that represented a musical autobiography of his life and exploits while transitioning into adulthood.

After years of experimenting, Shack has found his lane in hip-hop, being able to navigate the gritty lo-fi sounds of the past, and the 808 laced modern trap productions of today. Introspective thoughts, social commentary, and flamboyant baller-talk that's reminiscent of southern hip hop from the 90's are still present in his music. He simply calls it, "reality rap" or "gangster consciousness." Shack has created a large recognition for his name as an artist and brand.⁣ Working with nationwide identities and established music artists, it is the creative passion that drives him. A singular desire to
​create art that will inspire receivers of his work. 

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